Welcome to the Online Business Realm resources section of the website, this is a curated list of the tools and sites I strongly recommend for building and optimizing your business.

I have done thorough tests on every recommendation on this page. The majority of the tools on this list are critical to running my business successfully. Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, meaning if you purchase the product from my link I will receive a small commission BUT you will also get the discount mentioned.

With all of that out of the way, let’s get down to the tools and resources I use each and every day


All of my current websites are hosted on Bluehost. There are many reasons for this, BUT the main ones are that it is incredibly simple to setup WordPress with their 1-click install, AND their customer support is unbelievably good.

You can use your Bluehost account to host multiple domains, so there is no need to purchase additional hosting when building a new website.

I highly recommend using Bluehost for your first website, and you can get started now at $3.49/month with a FREE domain name, which is an exclusive Online Business Realm deal!


The Online Business Realm Blog runs on Thesis as well as the majority of my other sites. Thesis promises out-of-box search engine optimization, faster page load times, and so much more. This theme is simple and intuitive, and if you are a WordPress beginner, I would highly recommend it.

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Grammarly is THE ULTIMATE spell checker and the best in the business. Through my browser, anything I write automatically goes through their database of spelling and grammatical checks to make sure I write correctly. Not only does it do a great job as a Spell Check tool BUT it’s also perfect for grammatical errors and incorrect punctuation.

Try out Grammarly for yourself here



The Adobe Creative Cloud suite of apps are a mainstay in the industry, and I could not recommend them enough to people in the online business space. I use all of these applications daily, and with the new subscription model, you can get a reasonable deal on multiple application each month if you are a teacher OR student.


TubeBuddy is the tool I use with my YouTube channel that adds a ton of great features that the native Youtube platform doesn’t have. Features such as automatic Facebook video uploads, batch video editing, card templates, annotation templates, YouTube quick links, and so much more. If you are serious about growing your YouTube channel, this is a fantastic tool.

Here Is My Video Review Talking About TubeBuddy and How to Use It


AudioBlocks is the tool I use for all of my Royalty Free background music, sound effects, and music loops. AudioBlocks is a great tool for Podcasters and anyone creating content online. For just $99  per year, you have full access to download as much audio as you need. The site is also updated each month with new audio.

Here Is My Video Review Talking About AudioBlocks and How to Use It