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10 Best Ways To Rank High In Google Search

Ways To Rank High In Google

10 Best Ways To Rank High In Google Search

1. Backlinks

backlinks to rank in google

If you are trying to rank high in Google, Backlinks are essential. Having good ranking sites linking back to your website is one of the best things you can do to grow and rank well in organic search. I use Google Pagerank to look for similar sites that rank well in my niche, and then contact them about possibly doing a guest post on their site and then have them do one for my site as well. Also, make sure that the links are relevant, DO NOT pay for these links because you have no idea what type of site they are being placed on. If the backlinks to your site are not relevant, it could negatively affect your rankings. Think of backlinks to your website as votes from other people stating that your content is worth going to.

 Not all backlinks are created equal. If you receive a link from CNN’s website, it will obviously be weighted more than some small blog with little to no traffic. 
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