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How to Buy WTC (WaltonChain)

How to Buy WTC

how to buy wtcIt’s yet another Crytpo Tutorial Thursday video. Today’s video is “How to Buy WTC”. If you are unfamiliar with WTC, it is the symbol for the cryptocurrency Waltonchain. WaltonChain is based off of an incredible technology and comes from some of the brightest minds in Korea & China. Asian cryptocurrencies such as IOTA & NEO have seen incredible progress and look for Waltonchain to be coming right behind them. Right now the price of WTC is hovering between $18 to $23, but ultimately it will probably get much closer to what NEO is at… which is well over $100 per coin.

One common misconception about Waltonchain is that many people think it is related to Walmart. Walmart’s founder was named Sam Walton and the Walton family owns Walmart to this day. However, Walmart is completely separate from this project. For a while, I jokingly referred to this coin as Walmart Token. Waltonchain was named after Charlie Walton. Charlie Walton is the creator/inventor of the RFID chip. RFID chips are used to track packages, animals, pharmaceuticals, and many other things.

What Waltonchain is attempting to do is to combine RFID chips and the blockchain in order to give retailers & suppliers total control of their product supply. This will be able to cut down on loss and theft of goods and products. The blockchain can help these businesses to make higher profits through easier product management. This is a very cool idea that is yet another reason why cryptocurrency is here to stay. The technology behind many of these projects is just too good.

Marketing Behind Waltonchain

Crypto Daily is a YouTuber who I have been following for quite some time. He offers great advice (not official financial advice of course) and insight into cryptocurrency. A while back, he said that Waltonchain is an incredible coin with great technology, but it’s weak spot is its marketing team. They published a partnership before it was official and that concerned him. It turns out he could not be any more correct. If Waltonchain had an effective marketing team, this coin would be over $50 right now.

how to buy wtc waltonchain

A prime example of this is a snafu that occurred on Twitter recently where their social media manager forgot to log into his (or her) personal account and instead posted a personal account message through the official Waltonchain account. To make matters worse, it wasn’t just any message. The employee exclaimed how excited they were to be one of the winners in an official WTC giveaway. This has been a short-term

disaster for Waltonchain that dropped the price over 10%.

Later WTC issued an apology and said that the employee had in fact been a winner in their giveaway. So what was it? Was it a fake giveaway ran by Waltonchain or did the employee actually win a giveaway meant for the public? Either way, WTC has announced that they will no longer be allowing employees to compete in contests and giveaways. Of course, this should have been their policy from the very beginning. This shows yet another problem in their marketing endeavors. I think ultimately WTC is a great investment, but hopefully one day they will hire a marketing firm to fix their public persona.

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