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Income Reports

January 2017 Monthly Income Report – $5421.00

January 2017 Income Report

January 2017 Monthly Income Report – $5421.00

Welcome to my monthly income reports. Each month I will be completely transparent with you guys about the money that I am making with my online business. I do this not to boast, but to show you that it is possible to make real money with hard work and dedication.

A new year is upon us, as well as another income report. I am so excited to continue to grow this blog and podcast and continuing to help you guys grow your brands as well. Let’s just get straight to the point, January for me and what I do is somewhat slow. I expected a lower month (income-wise) and it was. One of the main reasons for this is that YouTube revenue slows down dramatically because the companies have just blown all of their ad budget during the holiday season. This year however, I saw the best January I have ever had on YouTube!

Multiple Streams Of Income

One of the key things to making money online is having multiple streams of income. As you will see in this report, I have, on a good month 5-9 streams of revenue. Try to find various sources of income that are different enough that if something catastrophic happens to say YouTube or another way you are making money you will be ok financially.

DO NOT count on one stream of income to be the only way you make money online.

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What Happened In January 2016

In January, I have been doing a lot of behind the scenes work on projects that are going to launch later in the year. I also have been working on growing my videography/DJ business as well and that has taken a lot of time from my online business BUT in a good way. My partner and I already have 3 weddings lined up for 2017 and a few more we are working on.

I also am ready to reveal that my family and I have plunged into the e-commerce world! We opened a women’s boutique called Johnnie Dove Boutique. This business was named after my grandmother who has run a successful brick and mortar store for over 40 years in a small GA town! We have been working on this for a little over a year but just recently really started pushing the brand. If you know or have a special lady in your life you might want to check it out 🙂 I am primarily assisting with the internet portion of things, and learning everything I can about the Shopify platform!

Overall, it was a very successful month for me and my business and I am so excited for what the new year is going to bring!

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