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011: Building An Email List And Trust To Gain Clients With Brad FinkeldeI

Online Business Realm Episode 11

011: Building An Email List And Trust To Gain Clients With Brad Finkeldel

In this episode, we chat with Brad Finkeldel about his business, the best ways to build an email list and then what to do once you have grown your list.

Here is the story that started Brad’s journey of getting into business for himself:

My big Aha moment was when a life coach told me I wasn’t confident and that I was buying all my confidence with a big paycheck.  I was buying things and experiences in order to get people to like me.

She helped me realize that I was pulling all of my confidence from being comfortable and never stepping into my fears.  I had the comfortable 90k/year job that included benefits, an amazing schedule and bonuses, but I should’ve been pulling that confidence out of myself. She was right!

Fast forward a few months – here I was in a magnificent 3BD 2.5BA home that was loaded up with “stuff,” but it still felt empty, my life void of people I cared about and I was in a city(Austin, TX) far away from my loved ones in St. Louis, MO.

Links Mentioned In This Episode

Evernote – The organizational tool that I use to plan out my day.

The Miricle Morning — The book that Brad bases his morning ritual off of.

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Social: Brad’s Website — Facebook — Brad’s Book “The Mindset Shift”

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