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How Going to a Football Game Freed Me From my 9-5 Job

Look Out For the Opportunity

Many people ask me how I got into online business & internet marketing. I think many people think I have some technical background in web design or formal training in internet marketing. If they only knew, my experience getting involved with internet marketing was really an accident. I discovered online marketing by looking for tickets for a football game. While I was not looking to get into the ticket sales industry, I was on the lookout for an opportunity that would help me support my family and free me from my 9-5 job at a local car wash.

As I looked for tickets, eventually it became clear to me, that there was some type of network that website owners could get into that controlled access to event tickets. After firing off some emails & making some phone calls, I was able to confirm my suspicions were true. I was also given the contact info for the larger company. At that point, I created my first internet marketing endeavor. The name of my site was (and still is) I was able to obtain access to all of the tickets the larger company had. It was basically a large affiliate program.

Quitting the 9-5 Job

I sold my tickets on Craigslist and made a killing. I remember the moment that it all became so clear to me that I was actually losing money by going to work. Within only 4 months of starting my ticket company, I was able to quit my job. Not only was I able to quit my job, but 8 months later, my wife was also able to quit her job and stay at home full time with our children. It was such a freeing moment for me to be able to be that successful that fast. I know my story is unique. Not everyone is going to be able to quit their job within only a few months, but eventually it will happen. You just have to be focused and determined.

There is a misconception out there that people who work from home work less than their 9-5 counterparts. This could not be further from the truth. I worked tirelessly day and night to make my dreams come true. If there was a spare minute, I was posting more ads and trying to make more sales. Over time, I adopted the “work smarter, not harder” mantra and discovered ways to automate my process.

Keep Learning

Eventually, I perfected my ticket selling method down to only about 4 hours per week of work. Instead of enjoying all of my free time by taking naps and eating potato chips, I decided to learn more about internet marketing. I learned how to design websites. I learned how to create logos. I learned more about affiliate marketing. I took advantage of the extra time I had and made myself better.

Because of this, I have so many streams of income to fall back into that there is not a singular event (other than maybe the internet breaking lol) that could occur that would leave me with no income stream. Learn to make multiple streams of passive income and you will never have to be worried about being left in the cold.

To see more about my story, please watch the above video. Don’t forget to join our YouTube channel every week for Freedom Friday where we show you how to bust out of the rat race and into entrepreneurship.

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