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VideoPal Software

As part of our Tech Tuesday series, we would like to introduce you to another video making software, VideoPal. Video Pal is extremely easy to use and is also very user-friendly. To test out the software, I signed up for the $1 trial package. With this package, you get 3 days to learn how to use VideoPal. During this time, you can familiarize yourself with all of its features and options. The downside of using the $1 trial, is that most of the avatars and options are cut off from you until the trial is over. After the $1 trial ends, you will be automatically charged $47 for the software unless you decide to cancel the preapproved payment in your PayPal account.

videopal review & tutorial

While I only signed up for the $1 trial, I was able to get the full depth of the features of this software and a handle on how best to use it. The premise of this software is that it creates custom, pop-up type videos to install on your website in order to increase conversions and draw attention to certain aspects on your landing page. You can either use 2D avatars, 3D avatars, human avatars, or MiClone avatars (I wasn’t able to review this aspect). You can also upload your own videos which I’m unsure of why you would want to use this within VideoPal.

VideoPal Review

Videopal review and tutorialOverall, the program is about what you would expect for $47 dollars. It is not going to totally revolutionize the internet or video making, but it will help you in your marketing attempts. There are a lot of things to like about the software. It gives you just enough avatars to work with so you have options, but leaves you wishing you had more avatars to choose from. Within the sales funnel you encounter when you purchase the trial, there is an extra $19 option to be able to receive new avatars on a monthly basis. As mentioned, however, there are plenty of avatars to choose from if you are only marketing on a few sites. If you would like to resell these video pop-ups, there is also an option within the funnel to sign up for agency rights. Unless you are an advanced internet marketer working on several projects at a time, the selection of avatars will work for you.

Another great thing about this program is that it is incredibly easy to integrate with your WordPress site. After you create a video, an embed code is given. All you have to do is place that embed code within the Text tab on your WordPress editor and your video will pop up. There is no complicated coding that needs to be installed. You can see just how easy it is by watching our VideoPal tutorial above. Overall, I think this is a great program to help you in your marketing endeavors. There are a lot of extra bells & whistles I was not able to play with during the $1 trial. If you are looking for a more comprehensive video program then check out our review on VideoMakerFX. These two programs do different things, but I would recommend both of them.

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