How To Get Verified On YouTube – Full Tutorial

How To Get Verified on youtube

How To Get Verified On YouTube

To make sure that your channel is eligible to receive verification, Google suggests four things:

  1. Connect your channel to a Google+ Page.
  2. Your Google+ page or profile must be authorized.
  3. If the channel is connected to a Google+ page, the page must contain a link to your organization’s website.
  4. Your channel must have a certain number of subscribers. (This one is not really important, you can become verified with 1 subscriber if you want).

When starting a YouTube channel, it is important to understand what features are available to you and which ones are not. By becoming verified on YouTube, it will unlock some extremely important features.

The main features that it unlocks is being able create Custom Thumbnails and Upload Videos Longer Than Ten Minutes.

how to get youtube verified

To see if you are verified go to your channel settings under the “Creator Studio” links. Click on the tab that says status and features.

youtube verified

If you are verified, it will say “Partner Verified”.

To start the verification process, click on the grey button that says “Verify” next your account/channel name.

youtube verification process

The first step will be for you to select your location (Country), and then choose how you want the verification code sent to you. You can choose for them to call OR text you the code.

how to get verified on YouTube

After you have received the verification code and typed it in the box on this page, you will then be YouTube Verified.

Benefits of Becoming YouTube Verified

  • Custom Thumbnails
  • Ability to upload videos longer than 10-15 minutes
  • A Cool Verification badge by your channel name 🙂
  • Just an overall look and feel of professionalism
  • The ability to appeal copyright claims

If you are looking to grow and monetize a YouTube Channel, check out our YouTube Creators Hub Podcast Here.

Here is a video tutorial showing you how to get verified on YouTube:

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