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How to Build Reddit Karma Quickly

How to Build Reddit Karma Quickly

how to build reddit karma quicklyIf you are over 30, there is a chance you don’t even know what Reddit is. If you are under 30, then there is a good chance you have used it extensively. Either way, it is a great idea to get to know it better and learn how to build Reddit Karma quickly. Reddit is an awesome platform to be able to get the word out about your business, product, service, channel, or any other cause you would like to advertise. Reddit is build in such a way that it protects its users from spam. If you are looking to spam your way to the top, then Reddit is not the place for you. If you are looking to promote your business with quality content, then Reddit is one of the best places to do so.

Reddit is basically a glorified forum. There are several different sections on Reddit. Each one of the sections is a Subreddit (or subs for short). Each of the Subreddits has their own team of moderators. One clue to the moderators as to the quality of a post, is to look at the Karma score that the user has who is attempting to make the post. For most Subreddits, the moderation is very loose and the Karma score is not important. However, for the largest and most useful Subreddits, the Karma score comes into play.

Karma is broken down into two categories: post Karma & comment Karma. A Karma point is a fancy way to say that someone liked your post or comment. On Reddit, Likes are specifically called Up-votes or Down-votes (dislikes). If someone Up-votes a comment you made then you will receive one Comment Karma point. If someone Up-votes a post you made, then you will receive one Post Karma point.

Why is Building Your Reddit Karma Important

Before learning how to build Reddit Karma quickly, you need to understand why this is important. For most Subreddits, as I mentioned above, are loosely moderated and you don’t have to worry about your Reddit Karma. However, those Subreddits will not be the most valuable places where you can post. For more tightly moderated Subreddits, many of them will require you to have a certain Reddit Karma score (either Post Karma or Comment Karma) in order to make a new post there.

how to build reddit karma quicklySo the question is, how do you build Reddit Karma quickly enough to be able to post. For instance, I found a Subreddit requiring 100 Comment Karma to make a post. I was a little freaked out because it seemed like such a huge number. After thinking about it for a while, I came up with the ultimate method to get the most Comment Karma points in a short period of time; without using any black hat methods. This is a totally legit way to get the required Comment Karma points. Through this method, I was able to build over 100 Comment Karma points in less than 24 hours. To see this method, check out our tutorial video, “How to Build Reddit Karma Quickly.” Thanks for reading!

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