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Twiends for Twitter: Should You Use It?

Twiends for Twitter

twiends for twitterOne of the biggest problems for social media marketers is how to grow an account’s following. It’s easy to come up with posts and also easy to respond to comments. However, growing an account from scratch takes blood, sweat, and tears. Many people are always after the next quick scheme to get tons of followers and influence for doing virtually nothing. One of those schemes is Twiends for Twitter. With this online platform, people can go from 0 to thousands or even millions of followers on Twitter with almost no effort.

One thing that Twiends for Twitter has going on for it is that it does not violate the terms of service (TOS) agreement with Twitter. It is not an automated service that automatically provides you with followers. What Twiends does is provide your account with a form of advertising in which other Twitter users have the choice to follow you or not.

The reason this works is because the assumption is that to get followers you have to follow other users. Because of this, users are apt to click your profile on the Twiends website in order to follow you. Then they expect you to follow them back. If not, they will unfollow you. This creates a pressure to follow anyone and everyone on the site. This pressure is great for your follower count. I went from 170 followers to over 800 in only a week. My $37 subscription for a week is only halfway over so I expect that number to double over the next several days.

So What is the Catch with Twiends for Twitter?

So I was able to gain about 630 followers in only a few days. You may be asking what could possibly be wrong with this service? The answer is actually quite simple. When using Twiends, your timeline will become a cess pool of people you follow that offer no value. And even if there was a diamond in the rough offering displaying great content, then you would never even see it because you have a gazillion users on your timeline.

twiends for twitter

This causes the fatal flaw in the Twiends premise: you get absolutely no engagement from your followers. You might as well be buying bot followers for half the price because you will get the same engagement from fake accounts than you get with your real Twiends followers. The chances your followers actually even see your posts is slim to none. It’s like winning the lottery just to get your followers’ eyes on your posts.

I saw an account that had 12.5 million (yes, million) followers. Now what kind of engagement would you expect an account like that to get? I would expect at least thousands of likes and retweets per post. However, this account was lucky to have 6-10 likes/retweets even on his better performing posts. This is absolutely ineffective for promoting your account or brand.

You are better off using a post scheduler like Buffer and post 10 times a day. Even though your following count will increase more slowly, you will at least be gaining real and engaged followers. I will not be using Twiends for Twitter again and do not suggest it.

Thanks for reading & please watch our Twiends for Twitter video!

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