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How to Buy NEOGAS

How to Buy NEOGAS

how to buy neogasIf you have been paying attention during the latest bear run on the cryptocurrency market, then you have seen a few coins that seemed to be able to take the blows better than other. Three coins that seemed to stand tough during the dip were Waltonchain, NEO, & GAS. Don’t be confused by the title of this article, How to Buy NEOGAS. NEO & GAS are two different tokens, but they are on the same platform. They are attached at the hip. When NEO drops in price, GAS is usually follows the same trend. If NEO goes on a bull run, then GAS is also not far behind. Currently, GAS has been staying at about 30-50% of NEO’s price. So let’s look at the relationship between the two coins.

NEO and GAS both have 100 million tokes as their total possible supply. The thing that separates the two from each other is that NEO cannot be divided. GAS, however, can be divided into smaller shares distributed across the total supply of coins. While I personally do not believe that GAS will ever be able to pass NEO, the ability to divide the coins does make it likely that one day the price of GAS may get much higher than 30% of NEO’s price.

When it comes to choosing NEO or GAS as a coin to invest in, my advice would be to actually make a choice. They are both great coins with strong futures, but since their movements seem to mimic one another, it would be better to invest in only one of the coins. This would allow you to allocate part of your portfolio to other coins with potential. Now that you understand a little about NEO & GAS, let’s look at how to buy NEOGAS.

how to buy neogas

Using Kucoin to Buy NEOGAS

While technically the name of the token we are looking at is NEOGAS, you will most likely only find it under the name GAS on most exchanges. You can buy GAS on many bigger exchanges such as Binance. The exchange we will be looking at is Kucoin. The Kucoin exchange is unique because it offers more options than just trading ETH or BTC for its coins. You can actually trade NEO on this platform (which demonstrates the usefulness of NEO itself).

Before you begin to learn how to buy NEOGAS, you need to be able to get your money on an exchange. The obvious choice is Coinbase. Chances are that if you are looking into how to buy altcoins such as NEO or GAS, that you already have experience with Coinbase. If this is your first time moving your money from Coinbase to an exchange, then welcome to the real crypto world!

On Kucoin, hover over the $ symbol on the top of the page. Then move your cursor down to click on “Deposit”. The default coin to trade with on Kucoin is KCS. This stands for Kucoin shares and is the coin ran by the exchange. Simple click the dropdown to select Bitcoin from the list. Then send your BTC from Coinbase to the Kucoin BTC address you are provided with. From that point, all you need to do is make the actual exchange. To see exactly how this is done, watch the tutorial video, “How to Buy NEOGAS”. It’s a very simple process.

Thanks for reading and good luck with your crypto investments!

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