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How to Buy NEO Cryptocurrency on Binance

Why You Should Buy NEO

Disclaimer: I am not a financial expert and any advice taken from this blog should be researched. Do not take my opinion as direct financial advice.

You may be wondering how to buy NEO, but first, let’s look at why you should consider purchasing this cryptocurrency. NEO is known as the Chinese Ethereum equivalent. Neo was founded by Da Hongfei. He is a very outspoken cryptocurrency advocate in China. The rise of NEO over 2017 was astronomical. noted that in 2017 alone, NEO rose almost 85,000%. That is a return that only the most optimistic crypto investor could dream about. The great thing about NEO is that while it seems like its bull run must come to an end, it just keeps going up. Many crypto prognosticators feel that NEO is a sure fire pick to reach 4 digits each by the end of 2018. It’s potential is limitless… as long as China does not strangle it with regulations or start ban cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance.

It would be a shock if NEO did not continue rising just like its cousin, Ethereum. Ethereum has been on a tear itself of late. One could take ETH’s rise as an indication of the heights where NEO could go to. It’s a solid coin with solid technology behind it. NEO’s platform, the Apex Network is launching ICO’s left and right. If the coin GAS, also on the Apex Network, is any indication of the potential of future Apex coins, then investors are in for a treat. GAS has seen its own rise lately and seems to be attached at the hip to NEO.

How to Buy NEO on Binance

Buying NEO is not very difficult when using Coinbase and Binance together. If you do not have accounts on either site, then you can sign up for Coinbase HERE & Binance HERE. Once you have your accounts all set up the steps are pretty easy. Go to Coinbase and deposit how ever much you want to spend on NEO. Right now, NEO is about $170. This means that it is not out of the price range of most investors (but it will be soon!) so you have the opportunity to buy entire coins instead of only fractions like most investors do with BitCoin. To make an exchange, you need to either buy Ethereum (my preference due to faster transactions) or Bitcoin.

Once you have deposited money into your Coinbase account, find your Ethereum or Bitcoin deposit address on Binance depending on which cryptocurrency you purchased. You can find your address by going to Funds>Deposits & Withdrawals on the top menu. On this page, move down to the appropriate cryptocurrency and click Deposit. Once you click there, a menu drop down space will appear that gives your deposit address. Copy that address. Now, all you have to do is go back to your Coinbase account and navigate to the account where you deposited money. Click the paper airplane icon to send your ETH/BTC to your Binance deposit address. Type the amount in and confirm to complete the send. You are now done. The money should be in your Binance account after 15 minutes to an hour.

The last step is to make an exchange on Binance for your ETH/BTC to turn into NEO. You can do this directly on the Basic exchange on Binance. To see a detailed tutorial on how to complete all of these steps, watch the video above! We hope you have enjoyed learning how to buy NEO!

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