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Social Media Tips

Should You Pay Facebook for Likes?

Facebook is Tricky

Should You Pay Facebook for Likes?Facebook Advertising offer you a lot of options on things you can advertise. However, your basic choice is to advertise your page for likes or to advertise something else such as a product, website, or service. The problem with advertising your page is that Facebook blatantly works against you in order for you to double spend. Let me explain how this should work in a perfect world.

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Freedom Fridays

How to Make Money with Memes

Memes: More Than Just Humor

How to make money with memesOne of the most popular ways on the internet to get a quick laugh is through a meme. Memes are parts of internet culture that spread quickly. The idea is to take something that everyone (or everyone within a particular niche) can relate to in a humorous way. Many people learn how to make money with memes.

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Crypto Thursdays

How to Buy NEO Cryptocurrency on Binance

Why You Should Buy NEO

Disclaimer: I am not a financial expert and any advice taken from this blog should be researched. Do not take my opinion as direct financial advice.

You may be wondering how to buy NEO, but first, let’s look at why you should consider purchasing this cryptocurrency. NEO is known as the Chinese Ethereum equivalent. Neo was founded by Da Hongfei. He is a very outspoken cryptocurrency advocate in China. The rise of NEO over 2017 was astronomical. Marketwatch.com noted that in 2017 alone, NEO rose almost 85,000%. That is a return that only the most optimistic crypto investor could dream about. The great thing about NEO is that while it seems like its bull run must come to an end, it just keeps going up. Many crypto prognosticators feel that NEO is a sure fire pick to reach 4 digits each by the end of 2018. It’s potential is limitless… as long as China does not strangle it with regulations or start ban cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance.

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Website Building

How to Pick a Domain Name For Your Website

How to pick a Domain Name Thumb

Picking a Domain Name on GoDaddy

how to pick a domain name on godaddyPicking a domain name is the first step in your journey toward starting a website or blog of any type. The domain is the concrete that holds your entire project together. If your foundation is not good, then the rest of your brand will suffer. It is extremely important to take your time and get the process right. I always purchase all of my domains on GoDaddy.com. In my opinion, GoDaddy is the best domain registrar on the internet.

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Tech Tuesdays

VideoPal Review & Tutorial

VideoPal Software

As part of our Tech Tuesday series, we would like to introduce you to another video making software, VideoPal. Video Pal is extremely easy to use and is also very user-friendly. To test out the software, I signed up for the $1 trial package. With this package, you get 3 days to learn how to use VideoPal. During this time, you can familiarize yourself with all of its features and options. The downside of using the $1 trial, is that most of the avatars and options are cut off from you until the trial is over. After the $1 trial ends, you will be automatically charged $47 for the software unless you decide to cancel the preapproved payment in your PayPal account.

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Freedom Fridays

How Going to a Football Game Freed Me From my 9-5 Job

Look Out For the Opportunity

Many people ask me how I got into online business & internet marketing. I think many people think I have some technical background in web design or formal training in internet marketing. If they only knew, my experience getting involved with internet marketing was really an accident. I discovered online marketing by looking for tickets for a football game. While I was not looking to get into the ticket sales industry, I was on the lookout for an opportunity that would help me support my family and free me from my 9-5 job at a local car wash.

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How to Use CoinMarketCap to Make Investments in CryptoCurrency

Making Sense of Cryptocurrency Data

Here at the Online Business Realm, we love cryptocurrency. We believe it is a strong investment that can help take your investments to a whole new level. We’ve had some popular videos on Exchanging Cryptocurrency on Evercoin & also on How to Buy Cryptocurrency Verge Using Binance. We have decided to offer you more information on cryptocurrency through our new weekly series called “Crypto Thursdays.” On Thursdays, we will show you how to buy specific coins, how to make sense of websites dedicated to cryptocurrency, & so much more.

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How to Align Text with Images on WordPress

How to align text and images in wordpress

It seems like everyone these days has a website whether it is a business website or a strictly personal endeavor. If I had a dime for every time one of my friends or acquaintances asked me about how to start a blog, I would have at least a few bitcoins by now. The idea of starting a blog is one that captures the attention of so many people, but many new users to WordPress find out that having a real blog is something that has a learning curve.

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How To Use VideoMakerFX To Create Amazing Marketing Videos – Full Tutorial

Video is everywhere right now. People consume video in ways that surpass every type of marketing medium; by a long shot. People are watching so much video in fact, that YouTube has now surpassed Facebook in traffic. Of course, YouTube is not the only way people are watching videos. Almost every website you visit has somehow incorporated video… and if it hasn’t, it will soon.

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