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How to Choose a Hosting Package

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Choose a Hosting Package That’s Right for You

During our Web Wednesdays Series, we are walking you through how to build a website from start to finish. Last week, we walked through how to pick a domain name and how to purchase it through GoDaddy. In today’s video, we show you how to choose a hosting package that is right for you. You can think of website hosting as the storage center of your website. Your address is owned by GoDaddy (or wherever you purchased your domain at). The actual contents of your website and data files are stored at your hosting company. While Bluehost is another great website hosting company, I personally recommend HostGator.

I like HostGator because they offer several different packages to fit what you are looking for. The Hatchling plan covers one website. If you are planning on creating a small blog and don’t plan on ever branching out, then the Hatchling plan will work for you. However, if you are looking to build multiple websites, then I strongly recommend the Baby plan. The Baby plan allows you to add as many domains as you want to your hosting package. I have used the Baby plan for several years now and have never had any problems with adding domains or with speed. Of course, if you are looking to build a large, corporate website, then the Business plan will be the best plan for you. However, for most of our readers, the real decision will be between the Hatchling plan & the Baby plan.

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Hosting Package Decision

Before you make your decision between the Hatchling plan & Baby plan, I would like to talk to you for a moment about potential in internet marketing. If this is your first foray into this niche, then I ask you to think about the potential for your business. You may find that almost all internet marketers will eventually create multiple websites. While right now you can only think about the potential of your new idea for a website, there could possibly be so much more available for you. When it comes to online entrepreneurship, the more passive income streams you can create then the more successful you will be. Let me explain how you can take one idea & build upon it.

how to choose a hosting packageLet’s say you have decided to do a sports blog. You love your home team and want to talk about all of the latest player moves, stats, game predictions, gambling odds, & more. Over time, by posting quality content, you are able to build a large following. Your traffic goes from a few readers per day to thousands per day over the period of a year. You are making money on advertising and you are pretty happy. However, you could be missing out on many other opportunities.

If you are finding that people are interested specifically in the gambling odds you are posting, then you could create an offshoot website where you become an affiliate for sports gambling sites (huge industry). Now, every time someone reads the gambling line info, they are able to click on a link for more info that sends them to the gambling affiliate site. You could do another website where you become an affiliate and sell sports merchandise for your team.

The point of all this info, is to highlight why I believe the Baby package is the best. You are able to create multiple websites that could all generate income for you in very different ways. Thanks for reading!

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