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How to Pick a Domain Name For Your Website

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Picking a Domain Name on GoDaddy

how to pick a domain name on godaddyPicking a domain name is the first step in your journey toward starting a website or blog of any type. The domain is the concrete that holds your entire project together. If your foundation is not good, then the rest of your brand will suffer. It is extremely important to take your time and get the process right. I always purchase all of my domains on In my opinion, GoDaddy is the best domain registrar on the internet.

Many people price hunt & try to find cheaper domains. Ultimately, those people might find themselves regretting that decision down the road. The most a person is going to save by going to another domain registrar is $5 at the most. Remember, that you get what you pay for. With GoDaddy, you are getting incredible customer support. When you call them to discuss you account, you get the feeling that the person on the other end really cares about your situation and wants to help. That is very rare these days. The extra few dollars your domain will cost is well worth it to go with GoDaddy. The other thing to be wary of when choosing other domain providers is that sometimes other companies are not as willing to let your account go. Network Solutions and 1&1 are two very common domain providers that trap their customers. It takes hours of being on the phone with them to ever move your domain to another provider.

How to Pick a Domain Name

Once you have decided where to buy your domain, it is time to create your name and purchase your domain. Many people say that coming up with the name of your website or blog is actually the hardest part of the entire process… and I tend to agree with them. The worst part is when you finally come up with a great name, discovering that it is already taken. This is where I have some advice for you. Create your perfect name and then check to see if it is taken. If it is, try adding a word to the beginning or end of your domain. If you want to name your website Prime Products and it is taken, try adding some words. You could try or There are several filler words you could add that will help you still be able to pick a domain name that fits your brand.

Another tip is to pay attention to the extension you select. might be available, but does that extension fit your name? I always suggest, no matter what your business is, to select a .com name. If anyone goes directly to the address bar and types in the name of your company, do you think you are going to type a .com ending or .info? The answer is obvious. If you select a different extension, then be prepared you may miss out on some traffic. All traffic is valuable. If you miss out on even 2% of your traffic, that could dramatically hurt your business.

how to pick a domain name on godaddy

To see a more detailed explanation on how to pick a domain name on GoDaddy, make sure to watch our tutorial video above!

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