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How to Use Authy To Keep Your Data Safe

How to Use Authy

how to use authyIn many of the videos we do on our channel, the sites we visit and discuss require what is called Two Factor Authentication. Because of this, we thought it would be great to discuss how to use Authy. Authy is a phone app geared to help keep your online accounts secure with an extra layer of protection. Google Authenticator is another app that you can use, but here at the Online Business Realm, we stick to Authy and find it to be superior to Google Authenticator. Any site that requires 2FA will allow you to use Authy; even if it does not specifically say so.

So what is two factor authentication and why should you learn how to use Authy? In today’s current online & digital environment, crime and identity theft are rampant. It seems like every day there are countless stories of people losing access to their emails, bank accounts, social media accounts, & more due to a hack. 2FA provides an extra layer of protection against these hacks. In the past, a single username & password seemed to be enough protection to keep people out of your accounts. However, now criminals are more advanced than ever and extra protection is warranted.

2FA is a two-step verification process that provides the needed extra layer of security. Also called multi-factor authentication, this process requires a username, password, and another piece of information. For Authy, this separate piece of information is a time sensitive 6-9 digit code that you must put in before a timer runs out. Since the code is kept on the app on your phone, it makes it virtually impossible for a hacker to enter that code during the allotted time.

how to use authy

Using the Authy App

Using the Authy app is extremely simple. After you have downloaded the app, you can go ahead and add your first account. Some websites that require 2FA are Binance, Coinbase, & almost any other crypto-related website. However, it won’t be long before social media accounts will be requiring it. Facebook already has the option and you should consider it. Just think about the countless times you have seen your Facebook Friends tagged in weird sunglasses Facebook posts that were obvious hacks.

To add an account, simply go through the process of enabling two factor authentication on a website. Once you get to the screen that has your account’s QR Code, you are ready to pull out your Authy app. Open the app and look at the bottom where it says “Add Account.” Once you do that, a QR Code reader will pop up on the screen. Simply point your camera toward the code & Authy will capture it automatically. At this point, your account is saved on your app and you are ready to use it.

Go to the login screen you are looking for that will require the 2FA. After you type in your username and password, you will be prompted to input your 2FA time sensitive code. Type the code in within the allotted 30 seconds and you are now logged in.

Here a rule of thumb: if you can use 2FA for an account, use it. You won’t be sorry!

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