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How to Set Up Facebook Page Cover Photo

How to Set Up Facebook Page Cover Photo

how to set facebook page cover photoIf you have been looking for a how to set up Facebook page cover photo tutorial, then you have come to the right place. Feel free to watch our video, but also let’s look at why it is important to set up your page correctly. Facebook, as a corporation, feels like it is time to once again change their working algorithm for businesses. Seemingly just like every other business in the world, Facebook wants to appeal to their users and make it more difficult for businesses to advertise to those users. This is good for users but bad for businesses.

On Facebook, your page must be optimized or it may feel the hurt from these changes. The long and short of what this 2018 algorithm change means is that Facebook is going to favor personal/community content over business content (even if your business is part of that community). For this reason, you must be able to maximize the impact of your Facebook page. If your page is not in tip-top shape, then you will lose out on viewers. You must be able to engage your audience with valuable content or you will get left in the dust.

One of the ways that you can get your viewers to come back is by having an impressive “home page” on Facebook. While technically, there is no such thing, I’m referring to the content your audience sees when they first click on your Facebook page. This is also known as the above the fold content. This includes any content your visitors see without having to scroll down the page at all. This is going to include your page name, profile picture, & cover photo. So now let’s look at how to set Facebook page cover photo.

Time to Set Up Facebook Page Cover Photo

The first step to setting up your Facebook page cover photo is to find a graphic design software. There are plenty of free ones to choose from, but in my opinion none of them out do Photoshop. You can use this for only $19.99 per month with Adobe Creative Cloud. Photoshop makes the design process very quick, easy, and painless.

how to set facebook page cover photo

Once you have opened your graphic design software, create a canvas that is the current dimensions for a Facebook cover photo. To find this, simply Google “current Facebook cover photo dimensions” and set the Time setting to “Past Month”. Facebook is always changing this size so make sure you read a recent article to get the right setting.

Setting your canvas is the last step before designing. In our How to Set Facebook Page Cover Photo tutorial video, I show you how to make a quick cover photo. We do this using some abstract background images done in a Google search. Starting to design your page is a big step in this process. While you must be very careful using copyrighted images on your website, social media is much more forgiving.

To see more, please watch our tutorial video. Thanks for reading!

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